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無料カベウチ個別相談 Free Individual Consultation

カベウチ個別相談サービス始めました! We have started offering individual consultations for free.

もっと気軽に専門家へご相談を、無料カベウチ個別相談始めました! Feel free to consult a specialist. We have started offering free individual consultations.

もっと気軽に専門家へご相談を、無料カベウチ個別相談始めました! Feel free to consult a specialist. We have started offering free individual consultations.

こんなお悩みありませんか? Do any of these concerns sound familiar?

  • 問い合わせすると

    Worried about being sold to if you make an inquiry…

  • やりたいことはあるが、

    Have an idea but not sure what’s the best way to proceed…

  • ざっくりとした予算を知って、

    Want to know a rough budget and calculate the return on investment…

  • 自社に活用できるオススメの補助金や助成金の申請方法について聞きたい。

    Want to know about recommended subsidies and grants that can be utilized by your company and how to apply for them.

大判プリンター比較.jpでは、『こんなことやろうと思うんだけどどの設備が必要なの?』 『こんな素材に印刷したいんだけでどれがおすすめなの?』 『見積や具体的な提案までは求めてないがざっくりした予算感を把握したい。』 『ネットに掲載されていない現場のリアルな話や他社事例についてもう少し詳しく知りたい。』といったようなお声を多数頂いております。

At “大判プリンター比較.jp”, we have received many inquiries like “I’m thinking of doing this, but which equipment do I need?” “I need to print on this material, but which one is recommended?” “I think I don’t need an estimate or specific proposal yet, but I want to know a rough idea of the budget.” “I want to know more about cases from the site that are not posted on the internet.”
Of course, we respond to each inquiry we receive, but we thought it might be difficult to inquire if you’re worried about being aggressively sold to, or if your goal is not yet clear. A specialist will be your sounding board!

専門の担当者が御社の壁打ち相手になります! Our specialists will be your sounding board!


Therefore, at “大判プリンター比較.jp”, we thought it would be great if those of you who are considering a new business or equipment introduction could consult more casually with experts, so we decided to start a “One-on-One Consultation Service (30 minutes)”.
We can explain while sharing materials during online meetings such as ZOOM and TEAMS, and phone-only consultations are also possible. You can have a more casual dialogue and exchange of opinions directly with professional experts.
Why not make your ideas and plans concrete through information sharing and brainstorming with experts?
Please feel free to consult with us

カベウチ個別相談の流れ The Flow of Individual Consultation


The flow of the individual consultation will flexibly correspond to the problems and challenges of your company.

  1. 30分間お悩み相談


    30 minutesConsultation

    Share the concerns and challenges that you can’t usually spend time thinking about in your day-to-day operations.

  2. 課題の深掘り


    Analyzing issues

    We analyze the issues that have been raised, further examining the problems and their backgrounds.

  3. やることの整理


    what to do

    We identify and organize the actions that should be taken to solve the deeply analyzed issues.

  4. 後日希望があれば具体的な進行


    ※If you need…Specific progress

    We can also assist with concrete progress, such as fundraising and equipment investment

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